Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Angry Birds Rio [PC] Updated to v1.2.2

Angry Birds Rio is a special edition of Angry Birds, released as a tie-in with the 2011 animated film Rio.
The plot focuses on the signature Bird characters, whom are captured from their world by poachers and taken to Rio de Janeiro (Located in Brazil), placed in a room alongside other captured birds from the Rio universe. The Angry Birds birds then get mad, break out of their cage and proceed to rescue the other birds, plus Blu, the main protagonist from Rio, while returning to their homeland.
The game itself is also different from the signature Angry Birds titles, as the graphics on the Birds and the blocks are enhanced. The initial Glass, Wood, and Stone blocks appear, alongside new Crates and "Iron Crates".
The Pigs are not involved in the game. Instead, the prime enemies and targets are birds locked in cages, Marmosets, and Nigel, whom the later also serves as Rio's main antagonist.

Atas permintaan ramai, kali ni Angry Birds Rio pulak.
credits to sulong from jiwang torrent.

Angry Birds Rio v1.1.0

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Angry Birds Rio v1.2.2
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