Tuesday, 13 March 2012

AKVIS Sketch 13.0.2473.8439 With Trial Resetter

AKVIS Sketch 13.0.2473.8439 | 41 Mb

AKVIS Sketch - program to create a picture from a photo. It converts photographs into paintings, pencil or charcoal, simulating manual work. Sketch allows you to create not just black and white pencil sketch, but a color picture and even get the effect of watercolors and pastels. The main difference from other programs unique in that AKVIS Sketch provides a surprisingly qualitative result similar to the manual work of this artist - and with minimal effort! AKVIS Sketch allows everyone to feel like an artist. If you've always dreamed of learning to draw, but did not know how to try Sketch.

AKVIS Sketch is represented as a plugin to image editors (plugin) and as a separate, independent program (standalone), which does not require the presence of photo editors. Except for batch files, accessible only to plug possible versions of the same. Batch processing allows for automatic editing of a large number of photographs. In batch mode, the plugin is applied to all images in a folder. This allows you to create a series of comic books, or make video cartoon.
Changes Version 13.0
1. Added new "Artistic" style of photo-to-sketch conversion.
Standard processing from the previous versions is called now the "Classic" style.
2. Added 26 presets to the new style and the preview images for the old and new AKVIS presets.
3. Renamed the "Size" parameter (in "Classic" style) - to "Stroke Thickness".
4. Stopped support for the "old algorithm" used in versions 1-8.6 (it was available until now, in versions 9-12 - by activating that option in the program preferences), as well as the presets made with the old algorithm.
The presets created in versions 9-12 using the "new algorithm" will be transfer in version 13.
5. Added the popup dialog for the tools' options (before the parameters of the tools were available in the Settings Panel).
6. Added the possibility to hide/show the Control Panel.
7. Added the new color scheme of the Hints Panel.
8. Improved RAW processing (loading the RAW images): added support for Sony cameras (SLT-A35, SLT-A65V, NEX-5N), fixed color processing, added support for DNG files.
9. Updated the Preferences dialog window: added the "Lock the Control Panel" check-box and the options of displaying the Hints Panel, removed the "Use old Sketch Algorithm" check-box.
10. Updated both dialogs for Import/Export presets.
11. Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
12. Improved the Pastel preset in Classic style.
13. Fixed bugs.

single link : http://www.embedupload.com/?d=1CETV1F4FS

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