Saturday, 14 April 2012

FBI Faces v4.0

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FBI Faces v4.0 | 322 Mb
Create any face you like Surprise yor friends and family with a drawing picture of themself The FACES award winning program makes a composite look virtually like a photo and itproduces a good quality image. That?s why thousands of police agencies worldwide including the CIA, FBI and the US Military use FACES.
* Creates photolikecomposites
* Generates unique alphanumeric code for every composite
* Extensive database of facial features
* Runs on any standard desk or laptop computer
* Expanded Latin, Asianand AfricanAmerican features
* Threetone hair color
* Side to side hair flip
* Facial markings: scars, moles, piercing, tattoos
* Improved age progression
* Detachable hats andheadwear
* Full Windows XP compatibility
* Ability to export composite as JPEG file
* Integration with TRAK alert system
* Slide show capability
* ?Not A Real Photograph?Indicator
* Improved zooming and positioning tools
Minimal Requirements:
Intel Pentium or AMD processor
400 MHZ or better
Windows All
64 MB RAM or better
1.2 GB free diskspace
Color Monitor (SVGA) with graphic card supporting at least 16bit colors at 800×600 resolution
CDROM drive, 2x or better
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FBI Faces v4.0,FBI Faces 4, FBI Faces...
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